Kitty | The Painter of Modern Life (scoobygang63) wrote,
Kitty | The Painter of Modern Life

I am ILL and this time it's proper, cold-having ill. I have a sore throat and I am IN MY BED right now. At 9pm. I USUALLY WORK UNTIL NINE. I had to go home to my BED I am that ill. And I am so angry about it that it's inducing capslock issues...

Gah, and I'm supposed to be spending the day with my mum tomorrow and I will not bail on her because she sounded all sad on the phone but I just want to spend the day in my bed... And my computer is misbehaving and wont let me watch the last episode of Merlin and I keep hearing all this stuff that makes me think it was SO GOOD and the capslock has returned so I'm going to go cough and splutter in my bed again.

Body? I hate you so much right now.
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